Happy Easter. April Fool's. Day 1.

300 words per day for 30 days.

Here we go.


I’m not keeping a Passover diet this year.

I’m not giving up bread or tortillas as I’m making this drive cross country.  That’s just ridiculous. I can live without ham and pork. Bacon is really going to depend on a menu.  


I had a 1/2 BLT & that bacon, maple old-fashioned right before the holiday started.  Both of which were very tasty and it’s only eight days. Al pastor in AZ may also be really tempting.

Maple Bacon Old Fashioned

Maple Bacon Old Fashioned


There have been strange conversations throughout the beginning of the year as though Detroit to Phoenix wasn’t the same plane ride away as Phoenix to Detroit.  I’m moving, not dying. It’s only been two months & I’m already visiting. I can get al pastor next time. After being in Detroit for March, I am stocking up on dried chilis.  I know Lonely Planet made the Motor City it’s number two food destination for 2018 and there is good food in Detroit but so far, I have not found any good Mexican food back home.  So I will be cooking @ home more.


At the same time, there is something oddly Exodus like about being a nice Jewish girl going back home after 20 years in the desert, crossing the county for six weeks, while Mercury’s in Retrograde, whatever that means.  I don’t actually pay much attention to Mercury in Retrograde.


I am excited to be seeing the whole of the United States at this point in time.  It’s an interesting moment in history.


There’s a short “Wild, Wild West” travel list that I never got around to and am taking the first half of the month to see:


  • Slot Canyon

  • Bryce Canyon

  • Zion

  • Arches (maybe)

  • 4 corners

  • Monument Valley

  • Very Large Array


Photography is a childhood hobby.  These are beautiful places w/in driving distance, I didn’t take the time to see because each of itself is a long way to go from Phoenix to take a photograph & one place at a time is all the call center life would allow.  


That’s the plan to start.  

As for today, Birthday celebration w/Armando & friends, instead of Xmas/Chinese food it's Korean Spa on Easter & then Snowball is making a roast for birthday/easter dinner.   

Tomorrow, Palm Springs. 

(How many words was that?)