Arches National Park & Moab - April 12

I left for Arches pretty early this morning. Price didn’t have a coffee shop besides Starbucks, according to Yelp, so I drove to the next town - Helper, Utah & went to Happiness Within.  What a great name for a coffee shop.  

Arches National Park is beautiful.  The rock formations come from millions of years of blowing winds & oh-my-g-d, were they blowing today.  

I took a video at one of the scenic lookouts and the noise is loud!  It’s also surreal at moments where it looks like the landscape is watery because of the strength of the wind.  


Different day, I probably would have driven all the way to Devil’s Garden and took more scenic photos.  I wanted to see an arch, #DelicateArch - the one in all the photographs.  There’s the short flat walk that gives you a decent view of the arch or the Upper Viewpoint trail, which is about 1/3 mile, nothing major but at the end of it, my face was burning.  When I got back to my car, I must have used 3 or 4 face wipes to get the layer of dust off of my face & ears.  Tonight, getting into the shower, I still felt dust in my ears.  I actually chose my hotel for the night because one of the reviews mentioned a “double head shower,” which sounded luxurious.  And was.

Even with the wind, I still spent a few hours at Arches and got into Moab around 2.  I’d only had hotel breakfast & coffee at this point, so I walked to the downtown area & got a sandwich.  Nothing super fabulous but it was that weird time of day, late for lunch but early for dinner where nothing too great is open.  

Walked around downtown.
Bought another magnet & a Moab t-shirt. 
Got ice cream. 

Moab Garage 

Moab Garage 

Decided to skip Canyonlands after looking at the website because I’ve been living in the desert, I don’t really care about that desert park.  I’d rather see Capitol Reef. 

So, that’s the plan for tomorrow - Capitol Reef & drive towards Zion.  

Staci Lichterman