Friday the 13th, I wrote political

Everything in Moab, Utah mentions that the city was founded in 1902.  1902.  That’s it.  That’s barely 100 years ago. When I think about that compared to the pyramids I’ve seen in Mexico, it makes me feel like the border wall is really stupid.  There are people who have been on this land way longer than Europeans settlers.  The whole thing has the feeling of those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  Who decides to put a physical “line in the sand” up with one of our strongest trading partners?  It doesn’t make sense & it bothers me.


I had the same feeling going into Four Corners National Monument.  Four Corners isn’t a national park.  It isn’t on federal land.  It’s a dot.  It’s a random point that some guys decided on over 100 years ago as the place four new states would meet.  The lines are in the middle of the Navajo Nation. The Navajo manage the Four Corners monument.  It’s a tiny disk that was put in the ground in 1992, surrounded by mountains that have been around for millenia. 

Smaller than my feet - The Four Corners Monument itself. 

Smaller than my feet - The Four Corners Monument itself. 

The other thought I had was that I don’t think our leadership has actually gone out and seen the country.  Friend who have worked in national parks have told me stories about Michelle Obama. George & Laura Bush & Hilary Clinton are hiking national parks & having seen them on the trails.  Everything you read about the current administration talks about him visiting his golf courses.  Not the same thing.  

I’m trying not to write about politics with these blog posts.  Reading & writing comments to news articles is something I do on Facebook.  The news since 2016 has mostly made me angry.  I have often felt that my life & my job run counterclockwise to what leadership is doing.  I was standing in the middle of the New York Times Travel show in January 2017, the day the president announced his first travel ban.  The general public are often nervous about travel anyways, not knowing what kind of a decision the US government could make at any moment makes planning travel more difficult.  

I have a tendency to call the president, our “hotelier in chief” because he spent how much time bragging about his hotels?  I’ve never stayed in one but before the election, they had a solid reputation for quality.  So many of the decisions he’s made are so un-hospitable, it shows that he’s just a braggart and that it’s the employees not the name that made people choose to stay at Trump Hotels.  

Footnote:  I met the GM of Trump New York when I was a trade show last year and hearing him talk about bellmen and housekeepers who had been working for the property for 10-20 years and now were seeing hours cut because the man is diminishing the brand, was sad to hear but I still can’t put my dollars or my clients’ dollars towards supporting the brand. 

Where am I now?  Yesterday, I drove through Capitol Reef National Park and down to the SW side of the state to see Zion & Bryce Canyon.  Spent the night in Hurricane, Utah.  Good BBQ. 

Staci Lichterman