Setting up shop - April 18

Yesterday I spent most of the day wandering around galleries & tourist shops in Arroyo Seco & Taos proper. One of the things I’m doing on this trip is scoping out artists & vendors for the retail part of Pop Culture Travel that I’m setting up when I get back to Detroit.  

I adored being part of Cohoots & the coworking community but it’s time to change things up.  By opening a little storefront, I am adding retail to the business - practical travel gear, guide books, gifts, etc.  Plus, this limits the business to business hours. I don’t want to be 24/7 & compared to the internet all the time. Setting up shop gives me a place to go to work everyday & creating my version of a professional environment.  

Anyways, Taos & Santa Fe are known as an area that’s full of artists, so I was looking around for quirky things that would work in Detroit and a found a few.  The part I can do while I’m traveling is find products to sell. I’ve started reaching out commercial real estate agents that were recommended by childhood friends.  I’m lucky because I have a good friend who does commercial real estate in AZ & can help me make smart decisions. It takes away some of the guesswork.

Arroyo Seco

Arroyo Seco

Mexico & the other stuff will come later.  I have a solid business project that I want to do in Oaxaca.  It was what I was going to be doing this winter before my passport was stolen & plans changed. Once I’m home, it’s time to just be home & focus on just being home for a while. That’s not saying I’m not going to travel but I don’t want to be starting a business long distance during my first year in Detroit.  So I’m literally setting up a little travel store.

I also didn’t do a major drive yesterday.  I walked around a lot. Arroyo Seco is only 15 minutes away.  It was a nice change of pace after the long distances of Utah.  

After three nights in Taos, I’m head to Santa Fe today to visit the Georgia O’Keeffe museum & stay in the only Native American owned hotel in the area & then going down to Truth or Consequences, to see what’s there.   I read that there are wineries & chili farms in the Soccoro area, which is on the way but staying in Truth or Consequences sounded more fun. Truth or Consequences used to be called Hot Springs, NM, which sounds like cool.  

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