April 2 - Los Angeles to Palm Springs

I found myself really anxious to get out on the road today.

It snowed in the Midwest & Northeast.  There was a wet overcast at the beginning of the day in Cali, but by 1pm it was gone.   It’s beautiful weather.

I didn’t go far.  Palm Springs is only two hours from L.A. but it’s a mid-century / modern design mecca and I wanted to wander around downtown for a bit.

When I graduated from college, I bought a Shag print to celebrate.  He has fun travel themed designed pretty regularly although the print I have has nothing to do with travel  It’s just an oddity that I liked. I’d never been to the gallery, so it was very cool to see that in person. I’m really glad I bought the print I did when I did.  Josh Agle has become more & more successful over the years. I got souvenir socks from this visit. Can’t go wrong with socks.


I did find a fun art piece in another gallery fun a few blocks down.  The artist was inspired by Nighthawks but with a Tiki/Mexican flair.  All things I enjoy. So I got a print.


The last two trips short trips I took, I saw art pieces in galleries, took photos, thought about them long enough that both times, I called/went back and got the pieces I was thinking about.  This time, I went ahead and bought the print. It will be fun to see the two together or wherever they fit into the condo. The Shag piece is a college memory & the Nat Reed’s is from this road trip.

After walking around downtown for a bit & stopping for ice cream, I checked into my hotel, unloaded everything and took inventory/got organized a bit.  Everything is sorted into modular bags, so I can keep most everything in the truck & have my purse or backpack plus a change of clothes for overnight stops.  This is a different kind of trip for me. I’ve never had this much space to travel with before. My trips have been with a backpack. I’ve never had a long term, one way destination either.  I know where I’m going but don’t have to rush.

It was 85-degrees & sunny in Palm Springs & snowing in Detroit.

There is definitely no need to rush.  

I’m glad to be stopping in Phoenix for a couple of days to see friends & go grocery shopping.

I’m excited for the part that comes afterwards, driving through & seeing the center of the country.   There’s a good mix of solo travel time, interspersed with visiting friends. If something interesting comes up, there’s flexibility.   Hopefully the weather will be better by May. Usually it is.   

 (1st draft was about 225 words. Rewriting, doubled that...) 

Tomorrow, Joshua Tree, then through to Phoeinx.

Staci Lichterman