April 3 - Joshua Tree

Yesterday was primarily a driving day.  I went through my first national park but as I’m not a solo hiker (got lost once that was enough to freak me out), it was a drive through trip.   I wrote this yesterday but wanted to take a minute before posting.  I didn't crap out 3 days into the challenge. 

I went through Joshua Tree, one of the iconic places in America.  A while back, U2’s Jimmy Kimmel appearance came through my YouTube feed.  The band talked about how The Joshua Tree album payed homage to America.  And as immigrants the band has a special place in it's heart of America & it's heartland.  For a GenXer, raised in Motown, it was almost a requirement to drive through Joshua Tree National Park, cruising with the windows down & The Joshua Tree album blaring.   What a soundtrack for that drive!  


It was a beautiful day.  I found a couple of different places to stop and take a few photos.  It was strange taking full light landscape photos w/out a viewfinder.  I couldn’t see the images in the sun and took my chances with the photos instead of striving for perfection.  #oldschool. 

After taking half-dozen photos at a couple of different stops, I just listened to the music & enjoyed the view.  The speed limit in most of the park is 35 mph & you don't want to rush through.  35 mph is a great speed to the desert.  It's spring.  The Joshua Trees were green.  That doesn't last very long.  Normally part of the charm of Joshua Tree is how pretty everything looks as it dries out through the summer.  The air is hot & dry & the landscape reflects that, most of the time.  Spring renews and you could see that all along the drive.  It was beautiful. 


I started my travels with sunshine, the wind in my hair & excellent music to enjoy the view.  It was an awesome day.  

Tuesday-Friday: Phoenix

Staci Lichterman