April 5 / Blog post 4

I wrote 200 words at about 11pm last night.

I don’t know if they make sense. It was an inventory of the day more than anything and yesterday wasn’t really much to write home about.  I went grocery shopping and did other “in town” errands.  It was the day I didn’t plan anything for the visit, in order to get errand-y things done.

it worked but at the end of the day, staying with friends, not making time earlier that was set aside for writing, I didn’t get something written that I’d want anyone else to see.  A challenge is good but spending time with friends I won’t see for a while takes priority.  I’ll just extend the challenge out one extra day.  300 words/day for 31 days, because April 4 was busy. 

Normally, I’m a planner. As a travel agent, I plan things for other people for a living.  The details have to be perfect because you can’t fuck up another person’s vacation.  That would be bad.

Normally, for a trip like this, I’d be researching online, have a solid route planned, have a packing list, etc., but for so many reasons I’m not getting into, that didn’t happen for my xcountry adventure.  I’ve got the first two stops planned, a general route but am playing it by ear.

Not car camping.

Sleeping in the Jetta does not sound like fun.

But I also don’t know where I’ll be when, which is different. 


I’m going to try and not stress about the organization of my car & the trunk, although I think I was born with anxiety about organization and spent my childhood (and any time my mother came to my house or in my car as an adult) being told how messy I am and how that’s bad.  The anxiety about organization happened so much that it’s part of my subconscious that I need to make an effort to ignore.  I say things out loud sometimes, affirming my adulthood and reminding myself that I make my decisions and don’t have to listen to the demons.  

Project for Phoenix is getting organized for a month+ on the road.