Blogging vs. a journal - April 5, something extra

Not to sound obvious but there’s something inherently public about blogging as opposed to a journal, which is personal or a letter which has a limited audience.  I’m doing this blogging thing but it’s a bit uncomfortable. There’s a lot of layers which I don’t or hardly share because not everything is pretty or I don’t want to brag. Travel has allowed for some interesting & crazy experiences that are more fun to talk about over drinks rather than put as a blog post for someone to judge.  People laugh at & with stories. A blog post is different. It’s more like a one-way street than a conversation. At this point, I don’t know how concerned I am about comments people would make about my life. Comments can easily be judgement and I don’t need that.

When I just left things public on Facebook, traveling with my mother, it was ugly.  I’d met an “Internet personality” at Phoenix Startup Week who talked about the benefits of being 100% open & honest on the internet & how it was so great for him.  The actual conversation in the moment, made me cringe because I don’t need to invite everyone into my personal business but I decided, “What the hell?” On the #momtrip.  And now I don’t know how I feel about allowing comments on the blog. If you have something to say, email me. Maybe I’ll let people comment later on in the month. Starting & sustaining the habit w/out criticism comes first.