Methodologies surrounding this trip - April 6

As I said before, I’m a planner but for a lot of reasons, I haven’t been able to really plan for this trip.  There’s going to be a lot of winging it.  

#backintheday, I would have used guidebooks & just driven to wherever, stopped at a motel along the way and called it a night. On this trip, the travel apps I’m using so far are, HotelTonight & Airbnb but Airbnb is only if I’m staying someplace for longer than 4-5 days.  I don’t know what the timeline will be for this trip.  I haven’t decided whether or not to Couchsurf at all on this trip.  I had a fantastic experience Couchsurfing in Turkey but that was planned a few weeks ahead.  I stayed with a fellow travel agent & his tour guide roommates.  We talked shop before I lost my voice (when you are the only non-native speaker and you lose your voice, it’s pretty hysterical). I had a fantastic time.  

Since I don’t know where I will be when, beyond Durango, with rough estimates for Austin next, last minute Couchsurfing doesn’t seem like an optimal way to travel.  Branded hotels have the guarantee of a comfortable mattress, which seems key, after a full day driving.  

A long time ago, I established a road trip rule of “no chain restaurants.”  Most of the time, that works out well.  There have been few small towns where after eating at the diner, I really wanted Wendy’s.    I like the idea of focusing on local eats throughout America.  That seems fun and delicious. 

I keep saying that I have six weeks to drive cross country.  I feel like I have six weeks for this trip but May 5 is the tentative completion date for the condo.  That’s less than 30 days.  Since I want to stop - a lot - a month doesn’t feel that long at all.  

Staci Lichterman