The drive started - Page, AZ & the Slot Canyons

Saturday, April 7

I went to services on Friday night because I don’t know when or where I’ll be going to services now that I’m moving.  That’s something which hasn’t been researched yet. After services, I drove in the dark to Page. For some reason, I wanted to leave at night and be somewhere with a new landscape for the first morning. Seeing the slot canyons has been on my bucket list forever, so Page & a slot canyon tour was a good 4 hour drive & a nice first day.  

And oh-my-g-d, are the slot canyons amazing! I wasn’t in either Lower or Upper Antelope Canyon.  I called ahead & scheduled a tour. By sheer luck, no one else traveling this morning booked my same tour, so I had a gorgeous slot canyon all to myself.  

Horseshoe Bend Slot Canyon Tours is a Navajo family business. Hope’s grandmother or great grandmother married the boy from the family “next door.” She’s 22 & could talk back as far as her great grandmother’s grandmother - 5 generations.  Her grandfather is in his 70s. Arizona only became a state in 1912. That mean’s Hope’s family’s been on the land since before statehood. We forget that the mechanisms for running the United States are pretty young. Spending three hours on private, canyon, family land is a beautiful reminder.  

Slot Canyon, AZ unedited.  The light was actually much warmer than this photograph. 

Slot Canyon, AZ unedited.  The light was actually much warmer than this photograph. 

I can write about spiritual vs. religious some other time. Walking around the quiet of the slot canyons by yourself on a beautiful spring morning may as well be going to church.  

Interestingly, the slot canyons look almost like the opposite of the windswept rock formations in Goreme & Cappadocia.  One’s made by wind, the other by water but the curves of the two seem like they could almost fit together as puzzle pieces.  Having been to one & now the other, that was cool!

The Slot Canyons was the main event for my first day. After that, I had BBQ for lunch then drove slightly out of my way, through Four Corners National Monument to Durango for a friend visit.   I thought about driving through Monument Valley but because the time changes at the border between AZ, Colorado & Utah, didn’t know if I’d have time before the route closed, so I will do that drive when I circle back. Stopped in Cortez for dinner & ordered the wrong thing @ a Mexican restaurant on the Main Street.  You win some, you lose some. Inspired by 1. Silvana’s upcoming BBQ tour & 2. My disappointment in midwestern Mexican food (reading that I can see the oxymoron), I’m thinking about having the Southwest part of the drive - S. Utah, New Mexico & Texas be the “taco tour” of America. On the other hand, if someone says that XYZ is the best local [blank] this side of the Mississippi, I don’t want to be thinking that I need to find a taco truck.  We’ll see.

Good weather.  The slot canyons.  The open road.

Today was one of the those days that felt like, “does it get any better than this.”  What a way to start.