General Update

One thing I try to do is take the recommendations I meet from people on the road to heart.  On this trip, that’s worked out in my favor.  There was one restaurant that a hotel recommended where I walked it, looked around, looked at the menu, just said no and got fast food but besides that, the road recommendations have been great.  

Truth or Consequences, NM,  NASA Johnson Space Center, Lockhart BBQ, Wlson’s Creek Battlefield National Monument, 42 Bar & Grill, seriously all the recommendations have been spot on so when I was at the George Washington Carver National Monument & the volunteer behind the desk, pulled out an atlas and started talking about scenic drives between Branson, MO & St. Louis, MO, it was pretty cool.  

Today, I’m in Springfield, MO for another multiple people recommendation, Wonders of Wildlife.  People in Utah, NM, Texas & Arkansas all mentioned this new museum by the owner of Bass Pro Shops to me.  I have no idea except the website. It’s not someplace I’ve heard of, so it’ll be fun.  

I realized at Crystal Bridges that I am museum-ed out!  It's a beautiful museum with an interesting collection but walking through, I didn't care at all.  It felt like I was checking a box rather than enjoying the experience.  Five months living nomadically out of a suitcase is my limit.  I’m so ready to be home, unpack & get things started for whatever the next chapter in my life is going to be (I’ve got ideas).  Of course, this is when a delay happened and my contractor actually asked me to try and stretch the trip out for a few more weeks.  I can’t because I have a commitment in Detroit in June & more importantly, I’m ready to be home.  My brilliant idea to not live in a wintery, construction zone is only partially going to work.  It looks like they will be working around me for the end part of the job.

Not that I mind a 30 day challenge but I kept feeling obligated to write rather than enjoying the process, so I stopped. Cooking challenges and exercise challenges were surprisingly easier than the writing challenge, so I’m going to have to do it again…

Staci Lichterman