Scenic Southern Colorado w/Cathy - April 8

The 30 day challenge is now a 31 day challenge because after a full day of sightseeing, I slept through the night.  😁😴😴

I really didn’t know what to expect from Durango.
I’d never been to Colorado.

Since I don’t ski, Colorado’s never really been on my bucket list, except to visit Cathy & see the place she is so passionate about.  Cathy & I were in the same training class at American Express & worked together for a year & a half. Because I’d lived in Yosemite & Cathy never quite felt @ home in AZ, we became friends.  She was one of the first people who saw my 7th Street Condo just as she was quitting American Express to move back to Durango. And is heading to Peru in less than 10 days. I knew if I started traveling through Utah first, even though that keeps things going in one direction, there’s so much to see that I could have easily missed visiting Cathy & I didn’t want to do that.  So, Durango came first & then backtracking to see the parks.

Obligatory selfie along the road 😊

Obligatory selfie along the road 😊


Yesterday, we spent the day driving through the mountains from Durango to Telluride, stopping in Silverton & Ouray along the way.

It was a spectacular drive!  The mountains are beautiful & the weather was great to me, but just to me because I’ve been a desert dweller for so long.  For my thin, AZ blood, not having huge snowdrifts everywhere is a good thing but we were well above 10000 ft. in certain spots & that there was virtually no snow on through & the land was more brown than green - in April - is scary.  These mountains aren’t supposed to look like this, not at this time of year. They should be more lush.



It’s a little scary.  This could be a dangerous fire season.  


Eventually this blog will include more photographs. Photography’s been a hobby of mine since I was 13 years old.  I first learned how to shoot using an old-fashioned, all manual, Nikon FE; agitating the negatives in developer, using an enlarger to print, the whole thing.  That was a big part of my summer camp experience. I don’t have a camera anymore. I just shoot with my iphone - which can be a bit odd with landscape photography, I’m learning.  For Instagram, I use Afterlight to crop the images, add a frame & do minor editing.  I just signed up for Adobe Creative Cloud, because I’d like to not be using an iphone screen with my photos.  It’s funny to think about writing on the laptop but editing photos on the iphone & then having to remember what’s where or make sure everything has synced in order to get both onto the blog.  I haven’t figured out my best method yet.

Staci Lichterman