Little Rock

Planning my route, the stop after Hot Springs was going to be Little Rock even though the distance is just one hour.  Two things in Little Rock: 1. The actual building for the Clinton Presidential Library looked really cool, so I wanted to see it.  I also wrote my capstone paper about President Clinton’s Chinese foreign policy for my college capstone paper, so there’s extra interest.  2. After enjoying the tasting in Distillery Springs, I wanted to check out Rock Town Distillery.  Because there isn’t a lot of room in the car or in the condo, I like the idea of filling out my “bar” with booze I’ve picked up on the road to start.

When I saw that the special exhibit at the Clinton Library was about the history of protest music in America, I smiled.  The time I went to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame was to see their 1960s exhibit, so this was an added bonus.  

The museum itself was great. I probably missed some things, skimming through The Early Years & The White House years but I lived through them & wrote about him. It’s recent history, I’m okay with that.  I did probably read every panel & watch every video in the music exhibit.  I was at the museum just as 2 different field trip classes were there.  Another group was starting as I walked out.  Thinking about how all of the kids I saw walking into this 1990s National Archive Library Museum, none of whom were actually alive during that time was a “this is where I am in my life” moment.  I recognized everything in the “look at how we listened to music in the past” display…The museum talks about the distinct change which happened when Bill Clinton & Al Gore, the first candidates both born after World War II, who used rock music as their campaign theme, changed the energy of the political conversation.  It brought up some “generational questions” for me, but that’s a different blog post…

At the coffee shop this morning, I said I was going to the Clinton Library & she told me about the restaurant.  Then both baristas agreed about eating at the restaurant and I knew where I was having lunch.  42 Bar & Table was delicious. It was 80 degrees & calm winds so I ate on the patio. When the waitress says they usually run out of the special but it’s a little quiet today, that’s a solid recommendation, so I had the pasta.  It was their combination between carbonara & Alfredo & very delicious.

5/7/18 lunch special at 42 Bar & Table

5/7/18 lunch special at 42 Bar & Table

Rock Town Distillery is around the corner, just past Heifer International’s headquarters, from the library.  I didn’t meet the owner but his son was running the tasting room. They have a much bigger operation than Distillery Springs.  If you drank every shot at the tasting - vodka, gin, bourbon, whiskeys, coffee liqueur & moonshine, hopefully someone else would be driving.  I very consciously sipped my tastes because of this. Don’t ask me specific differences in the brown stuff. I like a good whiskey/bourbon cocktail but don’t drink it straight.  Of the ones Rock Town was selling, I took home “the green one.”  Also, the Watermelon vodka was really good, so friends will figure out something to do with a bottle of that one night as well.


Staci Lichterman