Looking ahead: Arkansas & Southern Missouri

Since I didn’t have 300 words to say about Austin, the other thing I’m thinking about is the next leg of the journey.  How am I going to get to Detroit from Texas?
The places to go on that list are pretty random:

  • My friend in Dale, IN
  • The Creation Museum
  • Branson, MO
  • Chicago - which I’m taking out of this trip & turning into it’s own separate trip.

After my experience in Truth or Consequences, when I saw that there’s a Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas, that got added to the list.  It fit really nicely on the map.  After my experience in Utah, seeing that Hot Springs & Ozarks are in the same area, I started to get more excited about (of all things) driving through Arkansas.  Same sentence comes to mind:  when am I genuinely going to be driving through Arkansas again?  Make the most of it.

I think a week is going to be a good trip from Texas to Missouri, maybe a little less.  Here’s the planned (ish) route - https://goo.gl/maps/g5N6eNYPmNH2

  • Houston to Tiger Creek Rescue & drive towards Shreveport.  Stop in Shreveport for the Rose Garden.  
  • Shreveport to Hot Springs National Park
  • Little Rock 
  • Mountain View & see/learn more about the Ozarks & Ozark culture.
  • Walton Family Art Museum in Bentonville
  • Bentonville to Diamond, MO.
  • Diamond to Branson. 

I don’t know where I’m going to sleep along the way or how much time I’ll spend at any roadside attraction or stop.  

The cheese guy I talked to at Whole Foods, happened to be from the Mountain View area.  When I said I was planning on driving up, he’s the one who mentioned the Ozarks & how pretty the area was.  

From there it looks like Branson to St. Louis. St. Louis to Dale.  Dale to Louisville & then Petersberg. https://goo.gl/maps/SqgaPT1oDGN2  After that it’s whatever route through Ohio & I will be home.  I’ll figure out Ohio when that part is a little closer. 

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