Stopping & Restarting in Taos,NM - April 17

It’s been a few days without writing and I realize, I don’t know how much I care about creating a writing habit.  I’m much more interested in photography & painting. 

I am someone who keeps their word, which was 300 words/day for 30 days, so I’m starting the 30 days fresh again.  If I’d missed one day, not a big deal. Two days, not fabulous but three days means it’s time to reset the clock.

Today, I stopped. I didn't go anywhere or do anything except get take out.
I have a sore throat.  It’s from going out into the cold wind, over & over again, from being inside my warm car because I wanted to get out and take pictures.  I’m also bloated & crampy, so it was a good day to stop.

I stopped in Taos, New Mexico.
New Mexico is beautiful.  Taos & Santa Fe are high desert.  It’s Georgia O’Keeffe & George R. R. Martin land, among others.  Lots of artists flock here. It’s mentioned in “Rent,” for g-d’s sake.  

I made my Utah loop & really didn’t want to spend a whole lot of time in Utah.  As a nice Jewish girl, Mormons kind freak me out. Judaism is thousands or generations old.   Any religion that’s younger than the country, needs to take a beat before trying to convince me that something new is gospel.  I don’t know very many Mormons. The ones I do know tend to be lapsed Mormons, so I don’t have a lot of direct relationships with members of that faith but the no alcohol, caffeine or makeup all seems a bit extreme.  At some point, In AZ, Utah’s national parks ended up on my bucket list but Utah itself isn’t so appealing. I wanted to see the sights and go. Would I go back? Sure. It’s beautiful country for a few days or a week.  I wouldn’t want to live there.

The only thing I did today was figure out a plan for traveling through New Mexico.  This is a place where I feel the opposite. I don’t want to rush through the country.  It’s a place to soak in.

Three nights here in Taos.  One night an hour away in Santa Fe, because I found the only Native American run Inn in the area.  Afterwards, I’m going to Truth or Consequences to drive through wine country & go to hot springs, then up to Roswell before crossing into Texas.  After that, I’ll figure out Texas. - Staci


Staci Lichterman